RV and Camper Rental Consignment

Kissimmee Orlando RV Rental offers RV owners the opportunity to place their newer model motorhomes or travel trailers in our Rental Consignment Program. Our Rental Consignment Program creates a way for RV and Camper owners to have access to and use their RV or camper as they like while substantially lowering the cost of RV ownership.

We understand that choosing to rent your RV or Camper is a very personal decision, There are many things to consider and many questions that need to be answered. Questions like; What happens if there’s damage? What if the renter tears up the interior? You can rest assured that all of our potential customers go through a screening process and are also asked to pay a hefty security deposit for the RV or camper they are renting. Simply put, the renter is responsible for returning their rental in the identical condition they received it in. We also spend all the time necessary with the customer in a initial orientation to make certain they understand the features and basic operation of the RV or Camper. With each rental, our mission is to educate the customer as much as possible so that their RV vacation will be absolutely perfect and unforgettable!

When your RV or Camper is in our consignment program, we also handle all marketing, phone calls, emails, and reservations. Your RV or camper will be stored on our secured, lighted lot and kept clean and regularly inspected. It is important for us here at Kissimmeee Orlando RV Rental to maintain a 5-star rental experience. That is why prior to every single rental, every RV or Camper interior is deep-cleaned, the exterior washed, all working components tested, tire pressure checked, propane topped off, then it is fully dressed and ready for it’s next guest.

You remain 100% owner of your RV or Camper. You may still use your RV or Camper whenever you like by contacting us in advance to reserve the dates you would like. If it’s short notice, no problem! So long as your unit is not reserved, it’s all yours!


Campers Consignments


We take a very unique approach to Camper Consignment. Having been in this industry for many years, we understand what our consignment customers are looking for and their expectations. Firstly, we do NOT allow towing on our consignment units. The demand for full-service delivery and pick up is surging and this is our specialty. Being that Central Florida is one of the top destinations in the world, we happily service “The Most Magical Place On Earth” as well as some of the nation’s best state parks right here in Central Florida.

As our client, you can expect monthly reporting of your camper’s performance as well as scheduled inspections reports, and online future bookings calendar so you can stay informed. In the event there is a repair, you’ll also receive a detailed report regarding that repair. General maintenance is paramount to keep your camper at it’s best so count on us to be proactive and inform you when it’s time for some upkeep!

Whether your interested in just moving your your Camper for the winter


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